Last updated in April 2020.


Articles and Posts I keep coming back to


  • 80000 Hours Podcast. 3+ hour podcasts about effective altruism. Best for really careful and respectful debate. Typical guests are policymakers and researchers. Each episode can feel like a big investment but it’s always informative.
  • a16z Podcast. About half hour long podcasts on tech news from Andreesen Horowitz
  • Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford. Really well produced hour long podcasts about economic thinking. Told through stories.
  • Conversations with Tyler Cowen. About hour long conversations that come out every other Wednesday. Fantastic guests, unusual conversations.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. 4+ hour history podcasts. These take a lot of investment and each series can end up being as long as 20 hours of content. The episodes feel more like an audiobook but they are always well done. You will be surprised about how invested you can be feel about history topics you wouldn’t otherwise consider.
  • EconTalk with Russ Roberts. Hour long informal conversations. The range of guests on the podcast is amazing: everything from economists to policymakers to businessfolks to scientists. My favorite episode is with the Climate Scientist, Judith Curry. my second favorite is with the conservationist Isabella Tree.
  • Exchanges at Goldman Sachs
  • Freakonomics Radio. Short and well-produced podcasts about behavioral economics and policy. It’s good for a lot of semi-informed hot takes on interesting problems.
  • Future Perfect. Vox podcast about effective altruism. Each episode is pretty short and well-produced in the style of This American Life. There are a few good episodes. I enjoyed the first season a lot. The second season is infuriatingly bad but worth listening to if you can challenge it’s problems.
  • Intelligence Squared Debates. Great two hour debates. Favorite is the one on UBI.
  • Last Podcast on the Left. Comedy and history podcast about “supernatural stuff”: aliens, ghosts, cults, true crime. Just general weirdness. Think Dan Carlin except with Chapo Traphouse in the background. Really funny and unusually informative.
  • Lexicon Valley. Short and informative sound bites on topics in linguistics. Well-produced. Very nerdy. Lot of music.
  • Making Sense with Sam Harris. A lot of awful episodes, but a lot worth listening to. Can be a good introduction to some interesting thinkers.
  • North Star with David Perell. I go back and forth with this. A few good episodes but I don’t often enjoy it.
  • On Being with Krista Tippett. The spiritual hippie aunt podcast. Some good interviews with people who wouldn’t be on other podcasts I listen to.
  • Philosophy Bites. 20-minute introductions to topics in philosophy. Good reference.
  • Rationally Speaking. I have a love hate relationship with this. If I want to learn about someone and they have an interview with Rationally Speaking I almost always listen to it. But I never really look for new episodes with guests I don’t know.
  • Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell. There are a few good episodes here but the episode descriptions are always vague and it’s full of bad hot takes. I also just have a sour taste in my mouth about Malcolm Gladwell. He’s sort of the king of overpublishing unreplicated social psychology research. He’s done a lot to hold social science back and his style can get old.
  • Serial. Best podcast series ever.
  • The Argument from NYT. Pretty good talk show from NYT. Short episodes and respectful debate.
  • Ezra Klein Show. Vox has turned into tabloid, that’s hurt my view of Ezra Klein but his podcast is still phenomenal. Hour and a half long interviews. Mostly about policy and social science. Always good.
  • The Fifth Column. Semi-weekly news talk show with Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, Matt Welch, and Anthony Fisher. Hilarious and easy to listen to, all long-form and mostly informative.
  • Joe Rogan Experience. I sort of hate to love it, but there’s no one better at long-form, easy-to-listen to interviews. Most incredibly diversity of guests and topics.
  • The Knowledge Project
  • Nonprophet Podcast. Kinda hardcore training and outdoor sports podcast by Mark Twight. A little too intense sometimes.
  • Partially Examined Life. 3+ hour philosophy podcasts. Can be very boring, really for philosophy nerds.
  • Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell. Radical for the sake of radical. Counterculture guests and weird interviews. Great for getting weird takes you wouldn’t hear on mainstream media. Start with Scott Horton episodes. Not libertarian.
  • Venture Stories with Village Global
  • Very Bad Wizards. Funny and easy-to-listen-to philosophy and psychology podcast
  • WTF with Marc Maron
  • Y-Combinator Podcast. Best startup podcast. In-depth interviews with founders. They go deep into tech and science topics. Always excellent. Not often easy listening.