Projects and Questions

Here I will just outline some projects and questions that I am either currently pursuing or wish to pursue in the future. More details added over time.


Research and Questions

Research on the management techniques and best practices for scientific research

Assessment of optimal timing of feedback cycles with emphasis on assessing how much teachers actually ought to test students

More clear assessment of the value-added for different consulting sectors. Does educational consulting actually improve schools?

More research and standardization of optimal disciplinary systems within schools

How do we build better connections between education research and the implementation of research within schools?

How do can we use the public and private sector to build more voluntary cultural systems for social support?

Research into tracking the demographic, social, and economic changes for families that have been displaced by modern American gentrification.

How can we use the private and public sector to make it easier for people to live healthier lives?

At what point does Philosophy stop being useful?

Has Philosophy progressed?

Things to Build

Build and assess systems for improving rationality through cultural change

Build a reliable and scalable hub for allowing children to receive a quality education at home through their computer.

Rebuild and de-stigmatize Career Technical Education in the United States

Math Curriculum Reform

Build nonprofit to improve the use of air filters in US schools